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Wood Block Wall Prints

Walls are boring.

Walls with pictures, not so boring. Who would go to a museum with no pictures hanging on the wall? You wouldn't, so why force your friends or colleagues into your home or office to picture-less walls.

Printed on high-quality archival photo paper with matte finish, the prints are then mounted on a durable yet lightweight foam core and enclosed in a rigid board. 

Franklin Carpio

Photographer | Pittsburgh, PA

Franklin Carpio, born in Cuenca, Ecuador, is a filmmaker, photographer, artist, and an all around swell guy.  Passionate about the arts and anything creative, his dedication to his work drives Franklin to challenge himself and improve his craft.  Franklin got into art though drawing and then painting but after highschool he went to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Entertainment Design, where he focused his art on practical effects, such as animatronic heads, fake props, and prosthetics.  

Franklin graduated with a Bachelors Degree in 2008 and soon after found work as a fabricator in a metal art shop.  Although Franklin completed his first short film in middle school (titled "The Beginning of the End", wait for it on VHS), he did not actively pursue a career in the arts until his 20's.  He started writing and directing, as well as photography - which he first  in high school.  After his departure from a nine to five office job, Franklin has made his art his full time job, learning and practicing his craft on a daily basis.  Franklin continues to tell stories and spark the imagination of the masses with his striking visuals and luring tales.