Guess what we have...



Our goal is simple, we want to go to space and we want everyone to come.

The world can benefit from the cognitive shift astronauts experience when they first see our planet hanging in the empty backdrop of the entire universe. Only then will we as a collective species finally get it.

This phenomenon is called the Overview Effect and only a few astronauts to date have had the overwhelming gift of experiencing it.

Imagine seeing all of the beauty of our Planet Earth from above and consider it as part of a larger living whole. This is it, this is all we have. Other countries are no longer referred to as "them" because it is only "us" here.

Until the day arrives when commercial space travel is a viable option, our plan is to do some good here on Earth however we can and make some new friends along the way.

"This is what heaven must look like, and I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than our planet from space." - Mike Massimino (23 Days in Space)